Group Class Photographs will be taken on Friday in front of Chinook High School.

We will have Helmbrecht Photography on site taking group class photos and they will be available digitally after the reunion to reunion registrations via email.  Your email will be collected at registration. 

If you would like printed copies, we will provide them to you at a later time for a small fee.


Class Photographs will be taken on Friday, July 5th, 2019 at the following times:

11:00 a.m.  (1930-1959)
11:30 a.m.  (1960-1969)
12:00 p.m.  (1970-1979)
12:30 p.m.  (1980-1989)
1:00 p.m.    (1990-1999)
1:30 p.m.    (2000-2009)
2:00 p.m.    (2010-2019)